Before we met, we both had a deep love for photography, ever since we can remember. Annerina’s story goes as far back as to her childhood, dressing up her Barbie dolls in wedding clothes and doing some serious wedding photography in the garden, with her first KODAK digital camera. Her mother entered her into the National Eisteddfod, where she got an A+ on her pictures!

Arno got his first DSLR when he was 16. He used to take a lot of photos while touring with his band and developed a love for storytelling. When we met through mutual friends, our incredible journey together started!  It was only after we experienced our own wedding story, when realised just how passionate about wedding stories we really are!  Together we’ve done incredible courses and workshops that inspired us to become the best storytellers we can possibly be.

Just a little bit about ourselves.  We got the best surprise a few weeks after our honeymoon, we were expecting a little girl!  Femke Louise de Beer (Femke meaning little girl and peace and Louise meaning warrior, making her our little peace warrior) has blessed our lives in so many ways and we looove that snookums to bits!!

Annerina (aka Nina) is creative soul who loves gardening, growing vegetables, other arts like painting, drawing and pottery. She never feels that it is too hot for a comforting cup of tea or coffee! Another love she has is a love for sewing! And wishes to one day, be able to make all the dresses she pins on Pinterest 😉 for her and Femke! She is the artist behind our photo editing and gets SO excited after shoots that she cannot wait to start editing them!!

Arno (aka Arno :P) loves cycling and the whole culture of cycling!  On and off the road he’s cycled most of the big races in South Africa and wants to complete the Freedom Challenge one day.  Another adventurous thing on his bucket list is to travel to Iceland and take amazing pictures of the amazing scenery and people!

Together we can’t wait to meet you and tell your story!!

Photo credit: Thank you Anandi Photography for our pretty family photo.