Style of your photography?

After our own wedding, we realised the importance of special moments that happen throughout the day. We firmly believe in documenting your day as it happens as opposed to posing everyone the whole day (of course we guide you guys, so no need to feel uncomfortable or stress about it). So as you guys enjoy your special day we work around you to capture all the moments. The more you enjoy each other and every one celebrating with you guys, the more natural and pretty your pictures will be.

Our editing style greatly contributes to the uniqueness of our brand. IF you like a black & white photo with your bouquet still in colour, we are probably not the togs you are looking for. So please have a look through our portfolio and make sure that our style fits in with your special day.

Do you guys travel for weddings? How do I budget?

We most certainly do travel for weddings! We ask R3,50 per kilometre from our home in Centurion.  Together we will work out the best way to travel i.e. flying or traveling by car.

Do you need accommodation for our wedding?

If your wedding is more than 130km away, please allow for a B&B in your budget. After shooting the whole day on your feet we appreciate our couples allowing us to check in nearby at a B&B.

Just remember to discuss with us if your venue is more than 3-4 hours away from us. The accommodation time will depend on the traveling time.

How long after our special day do we receive our images?

The editing process is one of the most important part of all of this for us. Annerina invests a lot of time in this and ensures that your story is told the best way possible. Because of this the waiting period is usually 8-12 weeks. But if we are fished before this with your story we will get the images to you as fast as possible.

Do you take family photos?

As will all weddings, a lot of people from far and wide get together. We understand this and that and that you want photo memories with all of them.
Family photos are also really important to us, but it can sometimes take a big chuck of time out of the couple shoot. That Is why we ask all our couples to do two things for us.

The first is to make a small list of the most important family photos that they want, between 8 and 11(we can do more or less depending on your needs). The second is to get a very loud (or bossy :P) friend or family member who is familiar with everyone to rally the troops and get everyone on the list together. This ensures everything runs smoothly and that we have enough time to enjoy the couple shoot.

Do you only shoot weddings?

Although we LOVE weddings, we also LOVE everything lifestyle related. You can have a look at our Lifestyle section for more info and pictures.

How many images do we receive?

This is dependent on what package you choose, but on average you receive about 800 images, 400 colour, and the same 400 black and white.  We pride ourselves in providing you with only the best of the best images that are the most true to your special day.  For this reason, we don’t offer to give you all the images or the RAW files.

What about Videographers?

We have absolutely no problem if you decide to have a videographer for your special day.  We do however advice that you choose your videographer that falls in the same style (journalistic-documenting style) as us.  This will ensure that we work together better to give you a hassle-free day.  Please ask for a list of videographers that we love working with.